Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear body,

Dear Body,

There is now less than one week remaining until your baby is due. You have waited for this since you found out he existed last August. When you had the first sonogram in September it seemed that this week would never get here. Every month, when you heard his little heartbeat it seemed unreal. Now that you hear it every week, it should seem more real. It doesn't. I think that's because you're still waiting for signs of stronger labor, or really anything that would signal the little guy's impending arrival.
You're tired, sore, uncomfortable, and in short, ready to meet the life that's been inside you for the last 9 and 1/2 months. It's hard to carry something around and nurture it for that long without seeing it more than a couple of times! 1 Kings talks about how the temple was built, and the last sentence in the passage you read today said, "...it took seven years to build the Temple." I'm sure the people were anxious for the temple to be completed, but they waited it out and eventually, after seven long years, it was done. You are SO there right now. You've just got to hang on and eventually it will happen. But please God, let it be soon!!!!


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