Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Insomnia

Dear Insomnia,

I realize that you are a natural part of the final weeks of pregnancy. However, I find it ironic that you chose to show up last night after my internship class in which I had a discussion with one of my classmates about you. We concluded that there was no point in being upset when you visit, rather, we should just accept you and realize that when we're tired enough, you'll go away and let us sleep. So last night you chose to visit all night, and quite frankly, you overstayed your welcome. Another bitterly ironic part of your visit is that, for once, my unborn child was asleep all night and did not move past midnight. Normally, when I'm able to sleep, he wakes me up or keeps me awake longer than I want to be by punching (or kicking) me and rustling around in my tummy to switch positions. But last night, while I was laying in bed trying to get you to go away, the child was sound asleep...until you finally went away sometime around 6:00 a.m. Then he was up and ready to play...from inside my uterus. Right now I'm tired again, but you've come back! So after I get ready for the day (because now, as a SAHM, I don't have to get ready until I darn well please) I will eat lunch, then go out and try to get you off my back so I can get some much-needed rest. Where am I going? I have no idea. And I'm not telling, for fear that you will follow me there and then home again.


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