Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dear Me

Dear Me,

You won't be pregnant forever, I promise you won't. That means you won't feel like a crazy person forever. In fact, with any luck, you'll be feeling better in about 9 days. Not that you don't enjoy "having a good cry" following every mildly upsetting life event, but it wears you out...not to mention what you're putting your poor husband through. I realize that so far you've been incredibly lucky throughout your pregnancy, skipping out on the early mood swings, but I think that gave you a false sense of security and you thought you'd feel great and cheerful until week #40. So you made it to week #39 without any crushing emotional symptoms--you should celebrate this small victory, even though you're being slammed kind of hard right now. You're about to see your cute little baby...and that's great! Oh, and just because you yelp every time the baby moves and don't enjoy what he's doing to you from the inside, doesn't mean that you are a bad mother--NO MORE GUILT. You want this baby out, for the best possible reasons--you want to meet him and see what he's like without wondering what body parts he's using to assault you! So "enjoy" this last week like you're supposed to! Sit on your butt and REST!!! 'Cause Lord knows, you're still not sleeping!


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