Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome back, Boldman!

Well I'm back...and here's the lowdown on my childbirth experience:

It was NOT that bad! The epidural was TOTALLY worth it. I had a painless birth experience. The contractions BEFORE I had the drugs? Again, not that bad. I think I could have endured them for a while longer before getting the epidural. But when you're out walking with your husband in the labor and delivery floor and you keep stopping to breathe and "stick out" the pain and you see the anesthesiologist and he gives you a look of sheer pity, you know it's time to let him do his magic. Also, our Lamaze teacher was right--they don't even offer the "walking" epidural. They want you to get the whole shabang. Walking, Shmalking. I got the works. They even threw in a catheter, just for fun! :)

Our baby is BEAUTIFUL and could not be more perfect. Josh and I are so in love--not only with each other, because this experience has made us love each other even more than we already did--but with this new little life. I'll start updating about his daily activities (but don't worry, I'll spare you the details of his input and output).

A new mommy

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Myndi Giebels said...

Hi Rachel! Congrats on the baby and welcome to mommyhood! I got your comment on my blog and came to read yours and I love it. E-mail me directly at so I can get updated on the Stetson gossip from after I graduated! Take care and get some sleep!