Monday, May 5, 2008

Ancient Voices of Children

My name is Ezekiel Boldman! You may remember me from older posts such as "Dear Everyone" (both of them), "Dear Body," "Dear Me," "Dear OB," "Dear Insomnia," and "My Adventures as a Stay-At-Home Mom." Basically, before I made my grand entrance, my mom was obsessed with the fact that I was inside of her and did not want to come out as early as she would have liked. She was tired, frustrated, anxious, and had to pee ALL THE TIME! On April 20, 2008, I entered the world in the usual way. Mom keeps telling people that it was a really easy birth experience and that she is really proud of herself for having such a short, painless labor. Apparently, she's a natural at this "childbirth" thing--I knew that all along, which was why I waited to come out. I knew she'd push me out really fast and well, I just wanted to stay in as long as possible. So now here I am. I've been here two weeks and I'm a big guy! I was 8 lb. 10 oz. when I was born, but now I am 9 lb. 14 oz.! I have grown an inch and a half, and am now 23 and 1/4 inches long. The nurse at Dr. Gross's office said that I am "off the chart" and I made her measure me again! She was right the first time, and I AM off the chart--the baby growth chart, that is! Here are some of the things I like to do:

* Eat
* Sleep
* Be swaddled
* Fill up an endless amount of diapers--especially when the poop comes with a really loud fart!
* Make my mommy worry about me because I don't follow the "typical" breastfeeding time limits--but it's all good, as you can see, I'm gaining weight at an astonishing rate!
* Make my mommy cry when she reads "Guess How Much I Love You" to me.
* Pick my head up when I'm laying on my tummy on mommy and daddy, or on their shoulders and look from side to side (I'm so advanced!)
* Wake up on occasion enough to look at my mommy and daddy and watch them make silly facial expressions (I have a few of my own, too!)
* Snuggle
* Do the hand motions for "Every Move I Make" with daddy (the David Crowder version, of course)
* Make daddy do the "Daddy Wake-Up Dance." This is why I sleep so much and so soundly. I really like watching and feeling mommy and daddy try to wake me up. I laugh on the inside.

At this point, my mommy is adjusting to being my mommy. She misses daddy during the day, but is super-excited to see him when he comes home from work and youth at night! She's still a little anxious, but I think that's to be expected considering the fact that she has never really cared for a baby before! I'm going easy on her right now--I let her sleep a decent amount. She's lucky.

Well, it's time for my nap again...then mommy will feed me at 8:00. Tonight she and daddy get to let me sleep as long as I want, until it's been 5 or 6 hours! Then they have to wake me up and feed me, if I haven't woken up hungry already. We'll see how it goes! I sure do like to sleep!

Thanks for praying for me while I was inside my mom. Keep those prayers coming! I've got a lot of growing, and mom's got a lot of adjusting to do!


P.S. "Ancient Voices of Children" is a piece by George Crumb. Very cool. You should check it out.

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