Thursday, May 15, 2008

Celebrate good times, come on!

That's right, even though my child cried straight through his usual 90 minute morning/early afternoon nap time, it's time to celebrate. What, exactly, are we celebrating? My return to normal clothing--normal clothing in a size EXTREMELY close to my old one, nonetheless! So to all the people out there who said that I would stay fat after I gave birth (and said they were happy about that fact, too)...nanny nanny boo boo, it took me less than a month to lose 95% of my pregnancy weight. And I'm pretty sure jealousy is a sin, so you better check yo' self! :)


John and Dana + 2 said...

well, I would say PRIDE is a sin, but thats just me, and I say it is ok to throw it out the window, well not really I am not God. I probably just committed one too... But anyways!! CONGRATS!! plus, whoever said you would be fat forever, just aren't the brightess in the box... :)

Miranda said...

I love freedom of expression! I think God will forgive us if we happen to accidently offend someone. Okay...well, I might be stretching it a bit, pride is a sin though. Hmmm, well I think you have every right to be joyful. I love your spunky personality. You go! Have a pleasant week!