Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Meme!

Here it is, everyone! My first Meme! I had to look up what a Meme was and how to actually pronounce it, just in case someone asks about it in real life :) Here goes:

The "I" Meme

I am
: home alone right now

I think
: my husband is the greatest pastor ever

I know: too many people.

I have: so much to be thankful for!

I wish: I could figure out what's wrong with my sweet baby when he cries.

I hate
: that my husband has to be out late.

I miss
: California

I fear
: disciplining my child someday.

I feel
: like I shouldn't have had real milk in my cereal

I hear: my husband's car pull into the parking lot

I smell: . that's it. I smell. :)

I crave: anything sweet!

I search: for the Lord's will.

I wonder: when's the next time I can have cake?

I regret: past decisions

I love: helping people grieve.

I ache: for the grieving and bereft.

I am not: superwoman...but you can't convince me of that.

I believe: I have a purpose

I dance: ballet

I sing: a lot.

I cry
: less now than I did 2-3 months ago

I don't always: have the right answer; but I act like I do.

I fight
: injustice

I write: to help me sort things out in my mind

I win: nothing when playing against my husband

I lose: EVERYTHING!!! I can never find my keys! In college it was my meal card! Arrrrgh!

I never
: have cash

I always: remember things that other people don't

I confuse: easily

I listen: to other people's problems

I can usually be found: at home with Zeke

I am scared: of many many things

I need: to read the bible

I am happy about
: my family

I imagine: a world where my child can grow up without fear

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