Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falling short

Today I have been thinking about the many ways I fall short of what I truly want to be. If you know me, you know that I don't have the GREATEST self-esteem in the world and I tend to beat myself up on a regular basis (I think most women do this). But that's not what I'm doing right now. I am thinking about the ways I fall short because I've run across some inspiration to do better.

My best friend Kim is a year older than me, so she got to Stetson before I did. One of her very first friends when she arrived on campus was Brian Douglas. I was able to meet Brian when I visited campus the Fall of my senior year. When I arrived in the Fall of 2000, I immediately had some acquaintances, which was nice. I was able to meet Brian's then-girlfriend Jordan, his friend Adam, and another friend of theirs whose name I can't remember, but we were convinced he was a Jedi because he could seriously climb up completely vertical walls with nothing to hang onto. Now that I look back, this group was the group I SHOULD have gotten to know better. They were all Christians and hilarious and just kind, in general. Oh, to go back and live life over again--but I digress. I did not know any of these people that well, but thought (and continue to think) very highly of them. Through the magic of Facebook, I have been able to "friend" Brian Douglas. Through his facebook, I have stumbled upon his now-wife, Jordan's blog. What an amazing woman of God. I so admire her for everything she has been through and the way she has allowed the Lord to carry her and use her. Through her blog, I found some great money-saving blogs. I will do my best to add them to my blogroll for your enjoyment :) And please, please, check out Jordan's blog. Her story is wonderful and I really enjoy reading what she has to say. She is an inspiration to me as a mom and wife, and reminds me that I can do better.

In other news, please keep Kayla in your prayers--she is one of our former youth group members, 16 years old, and just had a baby. He is still in the hospital with Jaundice. I was blessed to run into her today and she is doing well, but has limited support and resources.


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Jordan said...

Wow, I am totally blown away and blessed by your words here. Thank you.

It's funny, because I often feel I am far from the mark myself-- if you look back through my blog I have plenty of similar posts! But the Lord is patient and loving with us as we grow, and I'm very slowly learning to give myself a little more grace. Christ did it all, so all we have left to do is worship. Obviously we strive for excellence, but not with the hope of pleasing people (I'm SO prone to this) or even pleasing God. He is already pleased with us. Hallelujah!

Sorry! I didn't mean to take over your blog with my enormous comment!