Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How and Why

Hi there! It's been a while! I haven't been blogging recently, mostly because of the fact that anything I want to blog about might get me excommunicated from my family and/or cause my husband to lose his job! SO...I will refrain from blogging about those things (you're welcome, Josh) and blog about other interesting things. :)

As you may know, my little family only has one vehicle, a 1995 Ford Taurus. We've had "Bertha" for over a year now, and she is thriving. Really, she's not a bad car. She runs great. There are obvious challenges with having only one car for two people and a baby. First, we can't always be two places at once. We have to travel together to a lot of things, or one person has to be dropped off and picked up, or one person just stays home. Usually, that's me. I walk with Zeke in the stroller if I need or want to go somewhere during the day. Josh usually takes the car to work in the morning, but he occasionally rides his bike so I can have the car. People we know sometimes see him riding his bike either to or from work, and will call one of us or catch us when they normally see us and make a comment such as: "ha ha, I saw Josh riding his bike while I was driving to such-and-such-a-place" like it's so cute and funny that he rides his bike to work. These comments rank right up there with ones like:

* "Did someone hit your car?"
* "Did you know that you have a huge dent in your car door?"
* "Why did you get rid of the Mazda?"
* "Oh my goodness! Someone hit your car!"
* "If I were you, I would've kept the nicer car"
* "How's that car running for you?"
* And on and on and on......

As you can probably tell from my tone, I am not fond of any of these comments. So here is my answer to some of them...

Yes, you did see my husband riding his bike to work. He did this so I could have the car today and not go out of my mind staying inside the house with the baby all day. I am thankful for this today, and am honored that Josh would humble himself to ride his bike for me. But I wish he didn't have to. He doesn't do this ENTIRELY by choice, so I don't think it's funny or cute, and I don't think you should think so either. One of the reasons we have one car is so I can stay home with Zeke. We don't have a car payment, our insurance is cheap, and our car is NOT nice. You should not think this is cute or funny. Many of you don't realize that Josh does not make a whole lot of money in these hard times. We are extremely fortunate that he even has a job. Yes, we know that our car has a LOT of dents. We have no idea how they got there, because we bought the car like that...on purpose. It was what we could afford at the time, without taking out any kind of loan. Yes, someone hit our car. MANY people have probably hit our car. The only person we know for sure hit our car is the woman who hit it TWO HOURS after Josh bought it, completely destroying the bumper. Yes, the duct tape is on there for a purpose, not just because Josh has an awesome sense of humor. Again, you should not think this is cute or funny. Living on one income and sharing a car is HARD. Following God's will into His service is HARD. It requires that you give up a lot of things, like a car, or extra money, or furniture. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. But the next time you see Josh riding his bike, please don't call us or tell us that "ha ha, I saw Josh riding to work." Tell him how awesome it is that he is willing to give up a lot of social status so his wife and child can be together all day. And say a little prayer that he stays safe while he's on the road--he's already had one accident while riding home from youth late on a Wednesday night. Don't make comments about our car--we're proud of that car, even though it's not pretty to look at. Say a little prayer that it keeps running, because it's the only one we've got and we don't have a whole lot of money to have it fixed! If you see me walking somewhere with Zeke in the stroller, like the gym, or The Daily Grind, or Chick Fil-A, don't honk your horn. We can talk about you seeing me walking when I see you next, and I'll tell you all about where I was going and my experience while I was walking (because something interesting ALWAYS happens to us while we're out!)...but at the moment I'm too busy trying to ignore the other people who honk and whistle and yell obscene things out their windows and keep me and my baby safe to wave!

I know someday God is going to bless us with another car and the finances to provide us with all the things we are currently doing without, but right now I wouldn't have our life any other way. I don't want another car or more THINGS. And I would appreciate your help to keep me content. All the questions make me feel like we "should" have more/nicer things. Right now we have each other and time for our family...and that's enough for us.


Kristen said...

awesome post. :)

Davin said...

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John and Dana + 2 said...

Awesome post, Rachel! John would rollerblade to work when he was an assistant manager at a grocery store so I could have a car. His "friends" would laugh at him and make joke and it made me feel bad that he did that so I could get out of the house. When he started at Pepsi, a few of the men there kept telling him that in a few months he could buy a better car or "pimp" his car. I would walk to the library or to the parks and the playgroup I was in couldn't believe I would walk that far. But I look at Logan and Evan and know that when they grow up they aren't going to think man it stinked not having two cars (We are luck, John gets a car through his work now)or geez we didn't get to do this or that, but they both will remember they didn't have to go a minute without either one of us. I also thank God for blessing us. You are right, being a family is what matters the most! And you have to know, if John or I saw you walking or Josh on his bike, we would stopped and annoyily (is that's how you spell it) ask if you would like a ride. Just so you know!