Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas ideas needed desperately!

Hi everyone,

My sister recently got remarried to a man who has two children, so now I have two extra Christmas gifts to buy! I love giving Christmas gifts and always like them to be thoughtful. The boys are 11 and 7 (I think) and I have no idea what to get them! Obviously money is tight for us right now. Does anyone have any ideas for homemade gifts or something inexpensive for my new family members?! I'm having enough trouble finding gifts for my OLD family members! :) I just want this Christmas to be a blessing to all 4 of the kids--they've been through some tough stuff this year!


Jordan said...

Oooh, I love picking presents! I think you should ask what the boys' interests are and that might help you brainstorm some ideas. Here is the link for somebody who made an art kit to go THat might work if one of the boys likes to draw.

If they are readers, you could get some good books in like new condition at the local thrift store or off of amazon.

Or if you are planning a big ticket purchase for Zeke, I heard Toys R Us is giving out $10 gift cards if you spend more than $75. You could give them the gift card.

Matchbox cars and track are fun too. Someone was telling me you can buy separate bundles of track at Wal-mart and Toys R Us for about $3.00.

Have fun!

Jordan said...

I also just found this site:

She is hosted a Homemade with Love Christmas on her blog and has tons of ideas for making gifts. I'm enjoying looking through those right now!

Rachel Boldman said...

Thanks Jordan! I can't wait to look through those sites! Picking presents is one of my favorite things as well--and I want it to stay that way :)