Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's here! It's here!!

Yes, my fabulous new 24.7 slingback diaper bag from O Yikes!; courtesy of Thrifty and Chic Mom, has arrived! I am so blessed to have won this amazing gift!

My first impression when I opened the box was, "Man, that's BRIGHT!" The colors are incredibly vibrant and cheerful, which I love. Anything to draw attention, am I right?! I was also
impressed by how light the bag itself is.

When I opened the large compartment, I felt like it was Christmas morning. Neatly tucked inside were two fabulous matching accessories: An insulated bottle holder, and an accessory case!


Quite possibly the best part of the bag is the one that will put an end to my husband's least favorite question, one that comes up every day at LEAST once-- "Where are my keys?!" Inside you will notice a nifty caribiner, for that very purpose.

Inside the smaller compartment, there is a matching changing pad for when you've gotta change a stinky diaper in the nasty bathroom at your random neighborhood restaurant...or Borders...helllooooo, clean your bathroom...whatever.

As an added bonus, my tiny little laptop, the Dell Mini, fits perfectly in the outside pocket. And the power cord fits great in the outside bottle-holder pocket. As if those features weren't enough, the bag puts an end to my husband's SECOND least favorite question, "Where is my phone?" by providing an outside phone pocket, right on the strap!

I took the bag out on a test run to Starbucks last night, after I was done pulling my hair out from my baby's fussy day. I figured that there was no better place to test out the hip-ocity of the bag than at SBUX. Sure enough, as I was ordering my grande frosty caffeine and fat free three shots of sugar free caramel why-bother coffee-ish drink, the barista said, "Oh, I LOVE your bag!" She was so surprised to hear that it was a diaper bag, I think she almost spilled a drink. Her eyes got even wider as I pulled my laptop out of the bag and sat down at a table to "work" or, "look important" in all my fabulousness. I consider that a successful test run!

This morning was my first opportunity to try the bag with the uber-goober: Story Time at the library. As I was leaving the apartment, I had to keep checking--"do I have everything?" This bag is so light, and distributes the weight so evenly, that I had a hard time believing I had everything I needed! O Yikes! makes a pretty big deal of their claim that the slingback style promotes bonding due to increased body contact with the baby, and that you can wear the bag while wearing your baby, if that is your thing. I am not a baby-wearer (don't judge me!), but I am a baby-holder, and it was INCREDIBLY easy to carry my 20 lb. 9-month-old with the bag on my back. I did not feel lopsided AT ALL. You ladies know what I'm talking about--that lean to the right or the left to try to keep the bag on your shoulder...or worse, the shrugged up shoulder to try to accomplish the same goal. It hurts, and who knows--could lead to long-term damage.

I absolutely love this bag. I plan to use it as my gym bag, as well, toting my laptop when I teach classes, and using the accessories case for my microphone cover and extra batteries (for the Britney Spears microphone I wear when I teach! Yeah!). It will be easy to just take a few diapers out and throw the case in while running out the door.

The only small not-so-fabulous thing about it is that the bag does not fit me as tightly as shown on the website. I am a pretty small person, so I have to use most of the velcro on the straps to get the bag to fit properly. But I love that there is an extra strap that clips so if the velcro were to separate, the bag would still stay on. No worries!

Here are two pictures of Zeke and I at the library this morning, chillin', lookin' at some books, and testing out this fabulous bag:

As you can see, smiles all around. I'm telling you, this bag is great. If you want one of your own, head over to O Yikes! You'll get 15% off if you use the code "RachelThrifty15" in the comment section at checkout! You need one of these! Your back, and your baby, will thank you!

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Kristen said...

I love it. I want one. But the site won't let me buy one. :(