Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Lord's PERFECT timing!

Yesterday I was startled to realize at 1:30 p.m. that my husband had called me four times and left two messages for me on my cell phone, all within the span of the previous 30 minutes. Thinking either something was horribly wrong or incredibly exciting, I called him back before listening to the messages. He informed me that my friend Miranda, who was due to have her precious baby (gender was to be a surprise!) in mid-February, had broken her water and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. My initial reactions were shock and excitement, which then faded to worry as I realized what this meant. Of course, my totally thoughtful husband had decided NOT to stop by and pick me up on his way to the hospital because he thought I had probably just put the baby down for a nap...which was totally true.

First of all, she was between 33 and 35 weeks along--her due date was always sketchy, so she could have been anywhere between those two weeks. This, of course, is not the most horrible time to deliver, but you just never know with those early babies. Second, she had planned an all-natural birth in a birthing center, with a midwife. So for her to now be in a hospital delivering her baby was quite the change. My friend Kristi and I jumped in her car, borrowed a friend's car seat (mine was with Josh, in our only car) and headed down to the hospital with our babies in tow. While we were waiting to hear the happy news, I was able to see my friends from the Social Work department at the hospital, and it was really fun to re-connect with them. They are amazing people and I miss them so!

Finally, at 7:05 the happy daddy came down to tell us that Kate Rebecca had been born at 6:19 p.m. and was 6 lb. 4 oz. She was taken to the transition nursery for a couple of hours just because she was a little bit early, but they did not anticipate any problems. So here, my friends, is what happened that day and why my dear, sweet, earth-mama friend was taken to the hospital:

Her husband woke up yesterday morning to the sweet sounds of his precious wife vomiting. Ew. They decided to go to the midwife to see if there was anything she could do for her, or if there was any medicine she should be taking. When they checked her at the appointment later that morning, she was SIX CENTIMETERS dilated!! That's right folks, she made her way almost to transition labor WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT!!! THEN, as she's waiting for a room at the birthing center right next door, they check her again and she is ALMOST 8 CENTIMETERS DILATED--you read that right, she made it INTO transition labor without hardly batting an eyelash! So because her water had broken at an undetermined time, the midwives decided not to take any chances with infection and to get her to the hospital. She was pushed through triage and admitted, bing-bang-boom, and had the baby at 6:19 that night. She was able to deliver WITHOUT ANY DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the hospital staff was able to respect her wishes to darken the delivery room and make it comfortable for her. Praise the Lord for His awesome plan, which is vastly different from ours...but always works out for our good!!!!!

Welcome to the world, Kate Rebecca, and Miranda--you are my HERO.



Kristen said...

wow. glad your friend made it to the hospital on time! i made it to 7 cm without any drugs, but that's when the pain kicked in and i need them.

Rachel Boldman said...

That's about where I got to before I definitely wanted the epidural. And what a glorious epidural it was.