Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not a creature was stirring, except for....

...A GIANT RAT!!!!

First of all, we had an amazing Christmas. The days surrounding December 25th were filled with time spent with both of our families, and lots of presents for Zeke! He came through all of the festivities unscathed, except for a few missed naps. But that's what the holidays are for, right?!

On Christmas night, we came home from my Aunt's house, put our tired little guy to bed, and were getting ready to settle down on the couch when I saw it--I thought it was a squirrel at first--a rat on the coffee table, where our Christmas cookies were. I saw it on the edge of the coffee table, jumping down with its long, nasty tail trailing behind. I very calmly said, "there is a rat on my coffee table" and walked down the hallway to the bedroom and shut the door. Of course, Josh followed after me with the obvious question of, "What?" So I explained the situation to him through a cracked-open door, shut it again, and tried to get my heart to slow down. Of course, the rat was nowhere to be found by this point, but upon further examination we found its "evidence" all over the living room. I had found a piece of "evidence" that morning, but didn't worry about it too much, deciding to keep it in a plastic bag to show an exterminator friend at church on Sunday. So I packed up some stuff, gathered up my sleeping child, and headed to my parents' house while Josh tore the apartment apart in an attempt to find and get rid of the rodent. Eventually he settled on the theory that it had been nesting in our couch, so they were immediately thrown out. The next day, he thoroughly cleaned the entire apartment in a very non-eco-friendly way--with bleach. Sorry, mother nature, but there was a RAT. They are DIRTY. Bleach is CLEAN. I'll recycle something this month to make up for it, I promise. Ahhhhh, sweet rat-free bliss. UNTIL later that night when Josh found it chilling in our kitchen and scurrying underneath the refrigerator. So we set traps. We put out peanut butter. And we waited. At around 12:30 that night/early the next morning, the behemoth took the bait. There it was, back paws stuck to the glue trap, in the middle of our kitchen. We thought we had it...until it found a crack underneath our cabinets (it obviously knew where it was going), wedged itself into the crack, and pulled itself off of the glue traps to freedom. Soooooo we spent the night at my parents' house again.

And then we moved.

So for the past week, we have been taking all of our worldly possessions in shopping bags from our old apartment to our new one, in the same complex, about 100 yards away. And by "we," I mean Josh. If you have an infant, I recommend that you live wherever you are living until he/she turns 18. It's darn near impossible until they're legal adults. I'm not going to lie to you...this was a MISERABLE experience. BUT--we are blessed beyond all measure because of a few "coincidences" that helped make this a smooth transition:

* Our good friends, Kristi and Tim, were out of town for the week, and let us use their cars from Christmas Eve until New Year's day. One of their cars is an SUV--we would not have been able to move so efficiently without it.

* Our new apartment is on the top floor, which eliminates the problem of people stomping on our ceiling at all hours of the night and early morning. Also, we do not have to hear anyone suck at RockBand.

* The new apartment is all carpet, as opposed to the hardwood of the other one, which means that Zeke can crawl all over the place, rather than me trying to keep him on one tiny rug in the middle of the living room.

* No hardwood floors means that the apartment is about $20.00 cheaper per month.

* Second floor means vaulted ceilings, which makes the space feel MUCH bigger.

* A dear friend at church GAVE us two couches!!

* We got out JUST IN TIME--when Josh went back to the old apartment to get the last of our stuff, he discovered a very flooded apartment. The rat(s?) had chewed through the hose on the back of the fridge that connects to the ice maker. The whole apartment was flooded, all the way back to our bedroom and bathroom. Luckily, our remaining belongings were in rubbermaid tubs and not damaged.

* The apartment complex is trying to reimburse us for the food we have had to throw away and buy new.

So even though this was a horrible, miserable experience, we can see the hand of God in it. We have been provided-for through the whole thing, and the good stuff just keeps on coming!

Hope you had a great Christmas, sans rodents.

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