Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bye Bye, Baby!

The inevitable has occurred. My baby, my sweet, cuddly, bundle of joy and love...
...yeah...that one. Well, he somehow turned into this:

...A PERSON. A real, live PERSON. With feelings, and opinions, and a big PERSONALITY!

Tomorrow, he will be a year old! I remember where I was a year ago today--at a friend's house playing games, I mean OWNING the guys at "Gimme 5," eating dessert, and experiencing the WORST headaches I'd ever had in my life. All the while praying that the hospital would have room for me in the morning. Turns out that the hospital did NOT have room, but the headaches were eventually enough to get me admitted and have the baby just 6 short hours after.

I was NOT ready to be a mom, but the Lord thrust me into this life and I am a better person for it. Now I can say that I made it through the first year.

We celebrated on Saturday the 18th with a party at my parents' neighborhood clubhouse complete with an amazing playground and pool, food that EVERYONE ATE, THANK GOD, and an all-natural carrot cake. And some not-all-natural brownies. Zeke made it through with very few tears (I think one of the other kids touched him at one point, and, well, he just can't handle that. We're working on it.), and even ate a little bit of cake! He crashed after the party and has been progressively playing with his new toys!

Today, Sunday the 19th, we had a dedication ceremony during our church service. Afterwards we spent time with some family. Today, Zeke did not crash. He refused to nap all afternoon...overstimulated much?!

I'm happy to say that with the help of Zoloft, I survived the weekend!

To say that this year "flew" by would be a massive understatement. Tomorrow I will nurse my son for the very last time. Pray for me, as I haven't really taken the time to process what that REALLY means and how I will feel about it. He's a big boy now, and it's time for him to move on toward greater independence. Am I ready for this? Just about as ready as I was to have him in the first place. But the Lord brought me through this first year and I am confident that He who began a good work (motherhood) in me will be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ (until the Lord comes). Philippians 1:6 is what I am living and breathing right now.

Updates to follow as I finally get my body back! It's bittersweet.

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Anna said...

It was so good to see you this weekend! I wish I could have stayed longer (and felt better). You look great by the way. If I didn't know you had a baby a year ago I would NEVER have guessed it. We'd love to come see Josh preach sometime. Let me know when the next time will be.