Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weigh in on an important issue--

What are your thoughts about egg donation? What potential ethical and moral problems do you see with either donating or receiving eggs?

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Megan Kaczmarek said...

I almost donated some of my eggs a few years ago. I decided to wait until after I was done having my own biological children. The decision to donate could be very tough for some, but giving someone the gift of a child (and pregnancy) is very special. I don't have any hang ups about my eggs being my own or a part of me. Love is all it takes to be a family. If I had fertility issues and could be a recipient of donated eggs, I would. Provided genetic testing and a full screening of the donor was done prior, I wouldn't have an issue with it.

Dana and the Boys said...

John and I have thought about it. Of course, he left it up to me but said he didn't mind. I decided just like the other comment to wait till we are done having kids. I think there is a cut off age to donate eggs, and if I am correct I have already passed it. Which is ok. I think it is wonderful for someone to donate eggs in chance that they might help someone else to have the gift of a child and to grow their family. I think your mind has to be in the right place before giving eggs. It is just a very personal decision.

Jordan said...

I have mixed feelings about egg donation. Iain is the product of a donated egg and then after he was frozen, he was donated to to us. I feel like embryos made from donated egg or sperm are just as precious as those created within married relationships. But I'm not sure if it is a good idea to donate your eggs. I have two concerns.

1. I'm not sure this is a godly way to create children since they are made outside of marriage. No adultery has taken place, clearly, but I don't know if I'd feel comfortable intentionally creating a child with someone I wasn't married to.

2. My second concern has to do with your responsibility to any children that you create. I personally would not donate anonymously because I would feel that I was creatung and giving a child to people I knew nothing about: they could be gay, child abusers, about to divorce, etc. It just seems like a very big deal to give your child up. I deeply respect and admire the birthmothers who give their children up for adoption so that the baby can have a better life, but this seems the reverse to me. You are creating a child in order to give them up.

I certainly don't feel very strongly about this. There are are a lot of grey areas in reproductive technology, and I respect the right and ability of my brothers and sisters in Christ to call on the Lord and make these kinds of decisions according to their own convictions.

Rachel Boldman said...

Jordan, I agree with you on feeling weird about creating a child with someone outside of your own marriage.