Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why, hello!

Sheesh, WHERE have you BEEN?!!! I mean, REALLY! Think you could stop by every once in a while?!!!


Every time I want to write an update, I get lazy. I'm sorry. I feel like every post starts with an apology and excuses for why I haven't written. If I'm admitting that I'm lazy, does that count as an excuse? Or is that a valid reason?

Today I was able to run errands around town, and make several stops in order to get the best deals on the items I needed. Even though it took more time, I saved some money and got some quality produce on sale at Publix. Then, of course, when I got to Walmart I realized how much less expensive their products really are! I got a bunch of bread stuff--sourdough rolls, bagels, mini bagels, and hot dog buns. Most of them were on sale, in the back of the store, with the "day old" stuff. So because I knew we wouldn't eat them ALL within the next couple of days (although I am certainly willing to put forth an effort) I froze most of it! I feel so proud of myself, and oh-so-frugal-blogger-ish!

I love my "Believing God" Bible study. I think I'm growing and stretching in my faith and belief. I hope it shows.

Well, I feel the laziness setting in again! Time to sign off.

Hope everything is going well for you!


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