Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can you feel when your last breath is gone?

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.

Then someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!"

"Gone where?"

Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port.

Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!" there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout: 'Here she comes!"

And that is dying.

Henry Van Dyke

Monday, September 28, 2009

Orlando Sentinel Contest

I know that many of you do not live in, or near, Orlando.

I don't care.

Please, please, PLEASE go to this website and vote for my friend Melissa. She really deserves to win this contest, the "Orlando Moms Get Fit!" Giveaway. If you somehow get lost on the website, her story is called, "My Long {Weight Not} Lost Journey." It is very well-written, and a wonderful representation of her personality. She works really really hard during the week to help her family out financially and needs this extra boost.

To read more about her weight loss journey, go to her blog.

It doesn't matter where you live, just go vote!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last night we had the privilege of having some great friends over, along with their three kids. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, their kids wore our kid out, and there were cupcakes. Oh, and have you ever seen an 11 and 7 year old play a sword-fighting game on the Wii? It's amazing! After they left, I busied myself with the dishes in the sink. I heard Josh saunter up behind me, felt him put his hands on my shoulders and lean in close. With a heaving sigh, he said..."I want more kids." I dropped my sponge and breathed in as tears welled up in my eyes, imagining another baby--how would we handle it, where would he or she sleep, when would we have him or her, and ohmygoodness a cute, cuddly little baby! Surely we will get by relying on the Lord and our love to pull us through! All of this in the instant of my breath. Then came another revelation:

"I am TOTALLY kidding."

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Boldmans LOVE Missouri! We are so blessed to be a part of the work God is doing in our church, as well as the whole area. Sometimes I feel unworthy of such a huge, important responsibility, but then I look back and remember all of the special things God revealed to me to let me know that this is his direction and we are here for a purpose. Anyway, I digress.

When we left Florida, Zeke was barely walking. He was mostly crawling with one leg up, Quasimodo style. I used to chase after him and say "I am theeee bellllll riiiiiiingerrrrr!" Not really. But you pictured it, didn't you?! He would walk holding onto us with both hands, but not much on his own. Within a week of our arrival in Missouri, he started walking on his own. He rarely even crawls. And I rarely do impressions of Quasimodo. But I was kidding about that. Right. He has also gotten better at throwing, and talking. He even says "mom!" It is incredibly precious. I attribute his giant leaps in his development to our move. Unlike our living situation in Florida, we have actual space for him TO walk. We spend more one-on-one time together, as well as time as a family. There aren't as many things here to distract us from the quality of our interactions. What a difference we've seen in our little boy, and in our relationship as a family. The Lord is good!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A little nudge...

So with some encouragement from a really neat lady that I've never met ...
I've decided to continue blogging. About whatever I want. Because that's what Bloggers do.

Did you even notice that I'd stopped?!!! Sheesh, some audience YOU are!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Beautiful Evening

Just look at those curls--You can't tell me that this is not the most precious child you have ever seen!
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ages and Stages

Today is gray and rainy. Not bad, if you can curl up in a ball under a blanket with some coffee and a good book. Really bad if you've got a toddler.

Zeke woke up in a bad mood today. He was all smiles when I walked in his room to rouse him from his slumber, but it went downhill as soon as I turned on the light. By the time I got him onto the changing table to strip him of his water balloon/diaper, he was already whining and hitting me. SO, now we're working on a nap. But I'm out here on the couch shaking in my Nikes, because I have no idea what to do with my kid for the rest of the day. We can't go to the park. I don't want to drive all the way to Joplin to the mall. What to do, what to do. Really, this is a struggle I face every day. So I've created a schedule for him, based on The Babywise Mom's suggestions for learning activities.

But I'm not going to start that until Monday, because I have to keep myself organized and on a schedule or else I will go nuts. ADHD? Uh-huh.

Today--what should I do? When Zeke wakes up from his nap, what activities can we do to keep ourselves occupied? And on a daily basis, what do/did you do with YOUR young toddler?