Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I stated in a previous post, I would love to go to Blissdom at the beginning of February. So I am entering a couple of contests to attempt to win myself a ticket to that lil old conference! Because I sure as heck can't pay for it myself, that's why! My husband is in ministry, remember?!

SteaZ is running a contest and wants everyone who enters to blog about values--what you value as a blogger, what success means to you, and how attending Blissdom will help you achieve it.

As a blogger, I value other bloggers' stories. I LOVE hearing about others' lives; good or bad. But I'm really picky. The stories I'm reading must be well-written. They must be honest, and a little humor never hurt anyone. I value guts: the courage to write about intensely personal stuff; sometimes details about life that would hurt your play group, your Starbucks Barista, your PTA, or maybe even your family. I am not brave enough to not care what people think of me or whose feelings I'm hurting, so I really admire those who can. It takes a very special, very strong kind of person to face criticism OR hand it out publicly! Now about honesty--I don't like fake, contrived honesty or humility. I can see RIGHT through it. That's all I'll say.

Reviews, review blogs, and mommy/frugal/sponsored blogs give me mixed feelings. Again, I value good writing. So when every single review I'm reading follows the same formula, I get a little bit annoyed. You know the formula:

"Well I wasn't sure about trying ABC's product, but boy, gosh-golly-gee-whiz, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it is really SUPER DUPER AWESOME! ABC has generously provided me with one *insert product here* to give away to one lucky reader! To enter, jump through the following hoops, which ultimately benefit my blog and ABC company."

Yes, I enter those giveaways. I for SURE want to win some of them (HP Touchsmart computer? yes, please! I didn't win one. Darn!). But I LOVE when bloggers find a different way to write their reviews. There HAS to be a different way. If I was ever given the opportunity to do a review and a giveaway, I would be really excited to write it differently. The new rules that are causing bloggers to start separate review blogs are great, in my opinion. That way I can read about the blogger's life, and go to a completely different site to read about their product preferences. I'm still not sure how I feel about the two being mixed together.

Connection between bloggers is something I value and envy at the same time. Because I'm not a BIGTIME blogger, I don't have those special blogging relationships with others. I would LOVE to go to Blissdom to help me with those relationships. Not only would I soak up a TON of information about blogging and writing (remember I love good writing!), I would be able to form connections across the Blogosphere and just get to hang out with some really cool people. The information about writing and blogging would help me better tell my story to others. It's a win-win!

So SteaZ, these are some of the things I value. I hope you value them too!


Lisa @ Simplified Saving said...

Great post! Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful time at Blissdom!

Molly said...

I just saw your link on the Blissdom facebook page. Congrats on winning a ticket. I am a pastor's wife, just started a blog, and really hope to go the Blissdom. I would love to meet you if I can swing a ticket. Here is the link to my blog.