Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exercise, For the Win!

Surrounded by new friends, awesome speakers, and tons of inspiration to write, exercising may be the last thing on your mind while you attend Blissdom. "But I'm too tired." "I stayed up too late last night." "I'm walking around the hotel. That counts, right?!" "I just don't want to. I'm on vacation, dang it!" Are those thoughts bouncing around in your just-for-blissdom-styled head? If so, time to push them out. Exercise is important in your daily life, right? Then why stop for Blissdom? In fact, I think exercise can really benefit your well-being at Blissdom, and really any conference you go to. Why? Read on, friends. Read on.

The number one tip I hear from the more experienced Blissdom ladies is that you need to bring your fabulous smile. What better way to get into a blissful mood than exercising to crank up your endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in above-mentioned just-for-blissdom-styled head. It's a brain game. Exercise may not feel good at first, but give it a few more minutes and the endorphins will kick in. And you'll have more energy later. Score!

All those new friends you're meeting? You could really solidify your In Real Life relationship with them by pounding the pavement. For some reason, exercise gets us ladies talking. Oh yeah, and misery loves company. I'm a group fitness instructor and I see that every day--if someone drags their friend to my class, they are both more likely to stick with it. Think of it as a bonding moment. "*huff puff* I hate this. You?" "Yeah, me too. *ugh*" See? Instant connection.

Two words: Conference food. So far, I've tallied up a few meal-centered events, including the prayer breakfast (which may or may not be a breakfast, but ladies, I will be starving. So whether I eat there or just after, it will involve food.) and the foodie lunch. And then there are the cocktail parties Thursday and Friday night, not to mention Blissful Bites and Bubbles; also on Friday. The Tastemaker party. The (In)Courage Party. The list goes on and on and on. Then of course we have our regular meals. (If I'm missing anything, please let me know--I want to eat it all!) And isn't there someone out there handing out CHOCOLATE business cards?!!! It all adds up to....calorie overload. Simple formula: If you are not burning more calories than you are taking in, you will not lose weight. If you break even, you will maintain. Tilt the scale the other way and you negate all the hard work you put in to lose weight before Blissdom. And don't say you're not trying, because I know you are! Which leads me to my next point...

Don't you want to look hot for Harry Connick Jr.?!

Hear me well. I'm not telling you that you should run 3 miles around the Gaylord Opryland or run like Phoebe from Friends through the hotel (although if you do, please let me join you!) but you should try to stay active. We'll be sitting on our tushies long enough soaking up the amazing sessions. Don't let your muscles (and all your hard work) go to mush. If you can't find time to hit the fitness center, do some simple exercises in your room with your roommate (or while she watches and laughs. It's okay, she's just jealous!): Squats, Lunges, Pushups and Crunches use absolutely no equipment. If you want to add some resistance, pick up a phone book or your suitcase, or your roommate. Whatever floats your boat. Just stay active. It will keep the smile on your face, the calories off your butt, and Harry Connick Jr. wanting your hot bod.

It's a win-win!


Rachel said...

You are just too cute ;-)

Can't wait to meet you in real life!

Kelli said...

Shoot, now you have made me feel guilty for having Country Bobs at the CountryParty. :-) Feb 4th?

Gosh, there is so much going on at Blissdom when are you going to find time to walk??

Jody said...

Yep, my business cards are chocolate! Milk or dark. :)

Rachel Boldman said...

Jody... mmmmmm dark please!!!

I'll be the one "meeting" you several times each day just to get a chocolate business card.

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Thanks for reminding me about taking care of myself and not going overboard at Blissdom! Great post and thanks for linking up on my Blissdom Link Up post!


Songbirdtiff said...

I LOVE finding a great deal on shoes at the goodwill. Thanks for sharing!