Monday, January 25, 2010

More details on my upcoming trip

Blissdom is coming up quickly. VERY quickly. As in, this week (being just one week away from the week of the event) totally snuck up on me like the boogeyman.

I am nervous. VERY nervous. Not just because I'm about to meet many of my blogging friends in real life, but because I am letting go of something very important (Josh is too, but this is *ahem* all about me, you see) in order to embark on my conference/vacation:

My child.

One week from tomorrow, February 2, 2010, my sweet 21-month-old will board a plane with my mother-in-law (who is more awesome than words can say) bound for Florida. There he will stay (alternately with both sets of grandparents) until Sunday, when we arrive in Florida for the rest of our vacation in the Orlando area.

This is so difficult for me. I am totally stoked for the opportunity to travel without Zeke; to spend time with my husband; and to just be me, without being a mommy. But the "what if's" are killing me right now. Let's not even talk about the BIG "what if," okay? Because planes make it safely to their destinations EVERY DAY. So why don't we just not talk about that. *Ahem* Moving on. What if he is scared and wants his mama or daddy? We won't be there to help him. What if he misses us? Will he cry when he sees us on Skype? Will he sleep okay? What if he loses Harvey Hamel? Or even worse than all of this, what if he is horribly behaved the whole time and both sets of his grandparents never want to babysit AGAIN?

Have you ever taken vacation without your child? Have you ever sent your child on a plane with another family member? How did it go? How did you get over these feelings? I'm literally having trouble sleeping over this, and it's still over a week away! I know he's going to be fine, but I hate the thought that he might feel abandoned or wonder where we are.

Pray for me!


Your Organizing Guru said...

When B was 15 months old, I went away for two whole nights. I left him with hubby (scarier than the thought of leaving him with my mom) so that I could have a mother/daughter weekend with my mom. Other nights he has spent away from me: Paul had the flu and was really sick (like spend time in the ER sick) and so B spent two nights with my MIL - but I saw him during the day. Chin up, young person! Zeke will LOVE being a total prince with the grandparents.

Christine Satterfield said...

I feel your pain...well, sort of. My 8 month old will be staying w/ various family members during the day while I'm at Blissdom. I'll pick him up and take him home at night b/c he still doesn't sleep completely through the night and I don't want to put someone else through that!

So glad to find your blog. I'm one of the newbies so we'll definitely have find each other. Oh, and I won my ticket too :-)