Friday, January 29, 2010

The one where I make an appointment

It started innocently enough.

I recently uploaded my pictures from my husband's birthday outing to the Harlem Globetrotters game to our local drug store's website for 1-hour processing. By the time I was able to schlep across town to get them, it was about 3 days later. Don't judge me, you know you do that too. I digress. The pictures would be really cute for frames and scrapbooking, or so I thought. When I finally remembered to take them out of the car that night (I forgot about them AGAIN! What a horrible historian I am!) I was pumped to finally see them. I "oohed" and "ahhed" at the ones of my over-tired son refusing to smile, and the ones of my grinning husband brought a grin to my face as well. And then I saw it.

Cue Scene:
Me: *Gasp* Oh no!
Husband (from the kitchen): What?
Me: Honnnnnneeeeyyyyyy... It looks like I have a mustache in this picture!
Husband (walking into the living room from the kitchen): What? Oh, I'm sure it's not rea--(arrives at the scene of the crime, er, mustache picture). Um, well? Uh...
Me (looking up at husband with a look of sheer terror)(In a whiny voice): Do I need to have it waxed?
Husband (in most diplomatic, even politically correct way possible): takes wife by the shoulders, gazes deeply into her eyes, NOT at her mustache Honey, here me well. I am not saying this in the way you THINK I'm saying it. But.... I think you would WANT to have it waxed. Soon. Do you understand that I'm not saying you NEED to have it waxed?
Me (look of sheer terror continues): Yes. Oh my goodness. How could I not have noticed?! Goes into the bathroom for her first long, hard, look in the mirror since her son was born, comes back out of the bathroom to the scene of the crime, er, mustache picure. Well, it sure is there.
End Scene

So it started out as a nice evening looking at pictures and ended with an appointment to get my mustache waxed. And my eyebrows too. In time for Blissdom.


Sara A Broers said...

Well~ Look at it this way, he's honest!

Liz said...

Oh this sounds like something that would happen between my husband and myself. lol I do understand completely, I will actually be heading to get waxed on Monday before Blissdom also! I guess we both have honest hubbies, they are both pastors as well. :-)

Click Clack Mom said...

I just love this post. When I saw the title on Twitter, I imagined you were writing about your son or apprehension about going to a conference as a newbie (like me!!) and was so surprised to read this story! I loved it. It reminded me of the time I stayed in a fancy hotel with a very magnified mirror and bright light and I couldn't stop staring at all the little things on my face I hadn't noticed!. Looking forward to seeing you next week!!

Rachel Boldman said...

To be honest, the hotel mirrors/lighting is one of my major motivators to get it done! I mean, how could I face you all after seeing IT in the mirror every morning?!!!

Your Organizing Guru said...

Your title is very "Friends-esque" love it. Great post too! What a sweet hubby you have! and honest to boot! You look fab and will have a great time at Blissdom!

Jody said...

I had my head totally "done" last Tuesday- haircut & color, brows arched and lip stripped.

I love your humor about the situation- I am less funny about it when I realize it needs done.

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Too funny... I have been in your shoes all to often. And kuddos to your hubby for letting you know without hurting your feelings.