Saturday, February 20, 2010

22 months

Hi Zeke!

You are 22 months old today! When you were born, I swore to myself that I would take a picture of you every single month on the 20th. But you must know something about your mommy. I have ADHD and I don't take medication for it anymore. So I get distracted really easily from my delusions of grandeur and sometimes never accomplish what I set out to do. But that's okay, really. I've owned that part of myself and let it go. I realized that it isn't important to take a picture of you every single month in the same way or record every burp, giggle, and toot. What IS important is that I enjoy you and live my life with you every day. It would be nice to record everything, but then I'd miss a little bit, and I don't want to do that. So here it is, a random "you're this many old" blog post for you to enjoy when you're older. Don't ask mommy where months 1-21 are because they don't exist!

Some Cool Stuff You Do/Like:
* You still love Harvey Hamel the Camel, and are reluctant to put him back in bed after you wake up. It is so adorable to watch you suck your thumb and rub his worn fur. It melts our heart.

* You love to talk, and have your own language. Sometimes I have no idea what you are saying and I just respond with "Yeah? Tell me more!" and you do.

* Today, you played independently in your room for the first time by yourself...with very few tears.

* You run, and when you get going really fast, you lean forward and stick your arms straight out behind you.

* You like to be tickled and have the most precious laugh!

* You are very silly, and do things just to make your mommy and daddy laugh. Before you were born, I specifically prayed that you would be silly. What a precious answer to a momma's prayers!

* Just like every toddler, when you want me or daddy to hold you you say "Holdyou"...except when you say it it's cuter than when all the other toddlers say it.

* You love trains and call them "choo choos" but when we ask you what a "choo choo" says you say, "chooooooo chooooooooooo" in a really high voice.

* Elmo is your favorite thing. Ever. You sing "Elmo's Song," sometimes without being prompted, and it is so cute: "La La La La La ELMO!!!"

* We still sing "Jesus Loves Zeke" to you before bed and nap times, and you're starting to sing along. It warms my heart that when you fall asleep the last thing you've heard is the truth of the gospel.

There is so much more, but I just can't keep going on or I'll cry way too much and when your daddy gets home he'll wonder what's wrong. I love you sweet boy. I fought hard to love you, and I do. So much.

Here's a video of Zeke and his daddy being silly:

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