Friday, February 26, 2010

Blissdom Link Love Part Deux

Today's Blissdom Link Love is dedicated to the wonderful ladies I met the very first night. Just like all the others I met at the conference, these ladies are amazing in every way. But they get special props for making me laugh, making me feel comfortable, and hugging me in the bathroom.

* Mary Anne Beasley: The Stiletto Mom ^
* Robin Sampson: Heart of Wisdom ^ //And BOY does she have some serious wisdom!
* Christine Young: From Dates to Diapers //My note on the back of the card is: "6 kids. Super tiny." :)
* Tiffany Romero: Stars & Hearts Media/SITS
* Brigid Day: Eager and Anxious/ Brigid
* Kimberly Hartke: She's a publicist, but has a personal blog
* She needs NO other introduction: VODKAMOM
* Cynthia: NapWarden
* Amy Gross: Mom's Toolbox AND Mom's Travel Tales
* Laurie Turk: She's got about a billion blogs, and they are ALL fabulous, just like the green feather headband she was wearing at the first party! So here are Laurie's blogs:
^: Denotes official bathroom-hugger.

I also need to give a shout out to someone I forgot the last time I posted links--
* Sarah Gronberg Kolell, Publicity Manager for Hallmark. Click Here for the Hallmark site; Click here for a more personal peek into Sarah's life!

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HeartofWisdom said...

Hi Rachael. Thanks for the link love. Had a great time sharing breakfast with you. Yesterday FreeBelievers networks podcast talked about Pastor's wives and I though of you. Try to listen.

Bless you Sweetie.