Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I need you.

Today I feel much better. While I am not yet 100% back to normal, I'm confident that by the end of the day I will be. Antibiotics and steroids are on board. Yes!

Here is what I need from you, blogosphere. Tonight at 7:55 p.m. Central Time, my 21-month-old son will be flying on a plane to Florida with my mother-in-law. He will be in Florida while I am at Blissdom and my husband and I have some much-needed time together. We'll see him again on Sunday. I feel okay about being away from him for several days. But I am BEYOND nervous about him going on this plan without me. I know that no matter what; whether I am there or not, the plane is not in my control. But I am afraid. So will you please pray (or think good thoughts, or send good energy or whatever--I need it ALL) that Zeke will be safe. Will you pray throughout the day if you think about it? And will you also pray at 7:55 Central Time, when he takes off?

Here are some specific things to pray for:
*That the pilot has rested and is feeling well
*That the plane has no issues--no ice, no mechanical issues, everything in working order
*That the flight attendants are sensitive to my Mother-in-Law's needs and are able and willing to help her get on and off the plane and to Baggage Claim.
*That the plane will take off and land safely
*No turbulance
*That I will feel peace
*That Zeke will be have for his grandma
*That my little boy will not, at any point in the trip, be scared.

Please, please please pray. I know there are many in the blogging world who have problems far worse than me, and I know how fortunate I am. I hope that everyone is praying for them. I feel like I am unworthy of your prayers! But I am so afraid. I will update through Twitter and you can follow me there-- @BoldRach4X.

I love you all, I really really do.


Erica said...

Oh girl, you will be in my thoughts and prayers! Leaving your baby at all can be hard, but knowing they are sooooo far away and going on a trip without you is much worse.


Find me at BlissDom and I'll give you a real one!

Kendra Lee said...

Praying for him, and you!! It's always hard to leave the kiddos, but especially to have him traveling! Thank God he'll be with your mother-in-law!!

PS Your book should be there when you get home from Blissdom!!

Your Organizing Guru said...

Be anxious for nothing, but thankful in all things.... God has not given you a Spirit of Fear, God has given you a logical mind... HE is the Lord your God, do not be afraid... God is with you and with that little man of yours...
I'll be praying for you and Zeke and MIL, (and Josh) all day today. Have a good day and enjoy your trip! Zeke is going to have a blast flying like a big boy!

Amy said...
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Laura W said...

I hope you will be able to enjoy your trip. You little boy will have a wonderful experience. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised that he has a lot of fun!

Looking forward to meeting you at blissdom.

Laura from Chambanamoms

Chitownmez said...

Will do!

Cboldwoman said...

I am praying for sweet little Zeke's safety and for you to have the peace that passes all understanding.

HeartofWisdom said...

Rachael, We met briefly tonight at Blissdom. I'm so glad I visited your blog and got to know you a little.

You made it here safe. Prayer were answered. PTL!

Hope we get to spend some time together.