Monday, February 22, 2010

Review of "Free Book" by Brian Tome

**Disclosure: "Free Book" by Brian Tome was provided to me for free by BookSneeze, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I received the book in exchange for this review. You can get free books too! Just sign up for BookSneeze!**

The cover boasts that Brian Tome is "a fanatic about freedom." The 230 pages following this bright orange attention-grabber prove it. Tome brings to light a familiar concept among Christian circles: freedom in Christ, but he does it in a new way. He presents the concept in plain, sometimes shocking, language and with a giant dose of humor. As I was reading some of his more colorful descriptions I had a clear image of his editor, eyes wide, marking with a red pen. I'm thankful that his editor let some of the more "borderline" words and phrases through to the final cut--it really works in this concept. His use of common language and stories about drinking beer demonstrate the freedom that he, himself, has found in Christ. The last thing the Christian audience needs is one more author telling us what we must do--Tome would say that will lead to guilt, which is ultimately bondage. Instead, he presents his ideas and serves as a living example through the entire book. Many of the principles can be related on a broader scale, such as a church congregation. Pastors, I recommend you read this book and apply it to your life, and your ministry as a whole.

If you are wondering why your spiritual life is stagnant, you may be facing a stronghold. Get free, and feel free to use Brian Tome's wisdom as a guide.

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