Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion = Education

She's Still Got It is one of my favorite blogs right now. Lindsay Ferrier (also of Suburban Turmoil) has a way of making fashion so easy and accessible. For a while I complained that I had no idea what to wear because what I'd see in magazines was so...out there, and out-of-my-league. Lindsay brings it down to earth and gives real examples of things that match...and she takes pictures of herself in the mirror, which shows that she doesn't take herself TOO seriously. PLUS, I was able to meet her at Blissdom! Many of my outfits were inspired by She's Still Got It, so it was awesome to hang out with my inspiration, if even for a few seconds. Here we are, BFF's, natch:

This picture also co-stars my bicep and tricep

Today I surfed on over to She's Still Got It to get my fashion fix. Of course, at that very moment, my toddler came into the room, demanding my attention. He's 22 months, and just doesn't understand, "No honey, mommy has to find out how to look hot." His eager little hands reached up and he said "couch, mama, ELMO! COMPUTER!" I pulled him up with me but didn't feel like watching Elmo, so I turned my visit to my favorite fashion site into a little lesson.

Me: Zeke, what's this?
Zeke: SHOES!!!
Me: GREAT, honey! What's THIS?Zeke: BAG!
Me: Yup! Can you tell me what THIS is?Zeke: HAT!!!
Me: Yeah! Can you say "Fabulous?"
Zeke: Fabbulsssssss Elmo!
Me: No sweet boy, no Elmo right now. What is......THIS?

Zeke: Bag, Mama! BLUE BAG!!! Yeah!
Me: You are a genius!!!
Zeke: Elmo!!
Me: No. No Elmo.
That's right everybody, as if I haven't bragged about it enough, my 22-month-old knows his colors. And I am really proud of the fact that I found a new, interesting way for him to practice them, while still having fun for myself. My son is a genius, and he's DEFINITELY got it:

**All pictures taken from She's Still Got It, except for the one of my kid.**


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musicow2 said...

Your son IS a genius! He IS your son after all. :) Love the disclaimer about the pics at the bottom. Highly amusing. :)

Suburban Turmoil said...

This is awesome! What a smartie your son is! I am so honored by this and I'm also so glad that you were able to come to Blissdom. You rocked that weekend with your style!

I know the feeling, too- I'm helping myself with that blog as much as everyone else. I felt so good when I went shopping at the mall last week and actually knew EXACTLY what to look for, what was in and what was out. I used to feel so lost when I'd go clothes shopping, BUT NO MORE. :D