Friday, April 16, 2010

How about THEM apples?!

My heart is racing.

My pits are a little sweaty.
My hands are shaking.

No, I didn't just see my husband walk by (although trust me, he produces the same effects)... I just finished eating a delicious treat. I am now on sugar overload, but it was worth every minute of shaking, sweaty-ness.

You see last week, this caramel confection from Mrs. Prindable's landed itself in my mailbox. When I opened the US Postal Service box to find the rich purple box tied with a gold ribbon, I felt really special! The beautiful box built a sense of expectation, like I was about to open a gift fit for a queen. I held my breath as I released the ribbon, and found my apple, perfectly wrapped in cellophane and tied. The apple held up remarkably well during its trip to Florida and subsequent overnight stay in my local post office. There were only a few stray shards of white chocolate in the wrapper. Did I mention that this sucker was HUGE? You can find an "actual size" picture of a jumbo apple, which was the size sent to me, here. Mine was every bit as big as that picture, if not bigger. As soon as it was out of the box, into the refrigerator it went, just as the directions said. Of course, I attached a note alerting my family to my *ahem* journalistic endeavors regarding said delicious apple, so they wouldn't gobble it up for themselves.

Tonight I shared it with my family after sitting it on the counter to reach room temperature. Although Mrs. Prindable's says to cut it into 10-12 pieces, it was difficult to get the knife through the chocolate and cut it smaller. Oh well, bigger pieces for little me (we ended up with two big pieces and four little ones)! A lot of the outer chocolate drizzle came off during the cutting process, which was a bit disappointing, but I ate the casualties afterward, so it's all good. We dove into our apple slices and.....
OMG. We loved it. The Granny Smith apple was really crisp and tart. The dark chocolate was amazing, but my family's consensus was that the CARAMEL was the main attraction. I have a tremendous sweet tooth, but I don't like my sweet to be TOO sweet. The caramel was perfect, almost salty. And against the crisp apple, was a delicious compliment. My dad proclaimed after his first bite, "There goes my diet!" But hey, it has dark chocolate, so antioxidants, yes?! I ate the most out of everyone--one big piece and one smaller piece. Then I may or may not have eaten the thick caramel off the bottom of all the leftover pieces. I'll never tell.

Mrs. Prindable's, thank you for your delicious apple, and the sugar-high it brought me! After 25 years in the business, you'd think I would have heard about you by now--I AM 27, after all. One of these should have been at my second birthday, for sure. I don't care if you genetically engineer these enormous behemoths in a lab--they are tasty. Possibly the juiciest, crispest apple I've had in a long time, if I've ever had one CLOSE. Thank you, thank you, for making me feel special, and for helping me forget about my troubles as they melted away into a delicious river of caramel and chocolate. If you don't mind, I'd like to make a suggestion. Would you consider making and selling a special apple cutter for your customers? There is an apple store in my mall (which I now know is a knockoff of Mrs. Prindable's, who are the originators of the chocolate/caramel apple) and they cut the apples if you want, right when you buy them. I believe it is a rounded blade with a straight handle on the top. I'm thinking if you offer the cutter with the apple for an additional charge, customers could be sure to get the even pieces they desire. Just a thought!

If you, dear reader, would like to follow Mrs. Prindable's on Facebook, click here. If you become a fan, you could win an apple by answering a question on their Facebook page! That's a pretty sweet deal!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to drink a gallon of water to cleanse myself of this yummy goodness.

**Disclosure: Mrs. Prindable's provided me with an enormous, gorgeous, delicious apple for free. I was not required to post this review, and my opinions are my own (and my family's. But they mostly said "mmmmm" and "yummmmm."**