Tuesday, April 6, 2010


....The Kids!

These children are really the stars of Operation KidConnect, so I thought you'd like to meet them.

K1: My 12-year-old nephew. He is tall and lanky, like any 12-year-old should be. Born when I was 15, he has been an integral part of my life since then. He loves sports, and is good at any that he's tried. He currently plays soccer, and did a really cool knee-slide to keep the ball inside bounds at a game a couple of weeks ago. When he did it, I said "That was hot!" and he was really embarrassed.

K2: My 9-year-old niece. She just turned 9 on Sunday. Everyone say, "Happy Birthday, K2!" She is sweet and sensitive, but in a house full of boys, the femininity is, well, hidden just a bit. She was born when I was a Freshman in college, and she charmed all of my boyfriends, including my now-husband. K2 LOVES my son, and the feeling is definitely mutual. He won't stop talking about her and asking about her. They have a great relationship already. She also plays sports and just finished up her first cross-country season and is continuing with soccer.

A: A is the K's older step-brother. He is 14 and...well, a 14-year-old boy. He's funny and he really likes racing and monster trucks. I hear he has some girlfriends, as well. He was a "rabbit" for K2's last race. That basically means he ran ahead of the kids to pace them and make sure they ran on the right course. He ran. and ran. and ran. And did a great job! A plays soccer, too and has a lot of natural athletic talent.

D: D is the K's younger step-brother, at 8 years old. He is very funny, and very sweet. He seems to enjoy playing with my son Zeke, and Zeke really likes him (and A) too. D plays soccer and is amazing on a playground. Really, you should see this kid hang from things--he calls himself a monkey, I guess because other people call him a monkey...because I think he actually is one. He has expressed a desire to take gymnastics and I think he'd be really good at it! Soccer is his sport for now, as well as cross country, which he also has in common with K2.

So there they are, the Fearsome, Fabulous Foursome. You probably noticed that I didn't have as much to say about A and D as I did about the K's. That's because they're late-comers to the game. I have not had the opportunity to get to know them like I have the others. That's the challenge in divorced families, is it not?--making everyone feel included in the blended family. I am excited to use Operation KidConnect to help form a stronger relationship with them. I'm not looking for sunshine, rainbows and unicorn poop here, I just want them to know I care.

So tell me, who are the kids you're looking to connect with? How has divorce affected the children you know?

*Disclosure: Hallmark provided me with the greeting cards for Operation KidConnect, but did not otherwise compensate me. Operation KidConnect was my idea, my product reviews reflect my own opinion, and Hallmark is cool.*

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