Thursday, April 15, 2010

Operation KidConnect Thursday!

Welcome to Operation KidConnect, where I partner with Hallmark cards in an effort to encourage the special kids in my life. I hope you'll take this opportunity to do the same!

If you are new to Operation KidConnect and want to catch up, the introduction is here. If you want to find out some more about the kids I am personally encouraging throughout this project, please click here.

Last week I wrote about sending one card to all of the kids. Connecting with ANYONE in your life requires a certain amount of vulnerability. As I slid the envelope into the mail slot, I felt a little bit silly. Here I was sending a card to my niece and nephew and their stepbrothers I barely know, and attempting to be "cool aunt Rachel" when I may ultimately be making a total dweeb out of myself. And using the word "dweeb?" That just seals the deal.

You may be surprised to find out that I am a bit shy. According to the Myer's-Briggs personality test, I am an introvert, even though I act like an extrovert. Don't get me wrong, I love the stage, I love performing, and I am thrilled that I teach group fitness. But all of that stuff, while it's extremely fun, is all part of my exterior. On the inside, it exhausts me and I'm afraid I'll be rejected. Don't lie, you're the same way. So because of my introverted nature, I haven't asked my sister how the kids liked the card. I know, I know, I'm a dweeb. BUT, I did get a chance to go to their soccer games this past Saturday, and just KNOWING that I sent a card to them helped me open up. One of the boys, A, was playing with my son for the majority of the morning and I felt more comfortable talking to him because I knew I had already reached out in a less-threatening way.

This week, I'll be sending a special card to my sweet niece, K2. I love this card because it has a little token on the front that she can take out and stick in her pocket if she wants to. It also talks about angels, and I'm constantly praying for angels to protect these kids. Here's the outside of the card:

And here's the inside:
I'm excited to write a little note inside and send it off. She is so sweet, and being the only girl amongst THREE boys, she needs a little bit of extra attention.

So, how about you? What did you do LAST week that helped you connect with the wee ones in your life? Did you send a card? You know, you really have no excuse not to, since you can get a FREE CARD at HALLMARK GOLD CROWN STORES until 5/30/10!! Do you have any questions you'd like to discuss about connecting with your loved ones? I'd love to help. Instead of the MckLinky we had last week, I invite you to just share in the comments. No need to write a whole blog post about it. I'd just like to know what you think. I'd also like to know what your plan is for this week!

Go on, spread some love!

**Disclosure: Hallmark provided me with the cards for Operation KidConnect. The opinions about the cards I've expressed in my blog posts are my own. I wasn't paid. But, you know, if I was, it would be cool :)

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