Thursday, April 29, 2010

Operation KidConnect Thursday!

I'm digging myself out of the elbow-deep pile of sick, pneumatic toddler poo to bring you...

Operation KidConnect!

Welcome!!! Operation KidConnect is a little project where I partner with Hallmark cards in an effort to encourage the special kids in my life. I hope you'll take this opportunity to do the same!

If you are new to Operation KidConnect and want to catch up, the introduction is here. If you want to find out some more about the kids I am personally encouraging throughout this project, please click here.
Have you ever needed to apologize to a child? THAT will humble you, for sure. On a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, my niece and nephew (K1 and K2) came over for dinner. Unfortunately, tensions were running high in the house, and I ended up in a very large argument with my mother. It was pretty not-nice, and she expressed her regret that it happened while the other children were in the house. So of course, I felt horrible. She was right--they had heard everything, and were likely feeling very tense themselves. I really felt the need to apologize, but I was nervous. It's difficult to swallow that large amount of pride, especially when it stems from an argument, and say that you're sorry (thereby admitting that you were wrong) to two people 15 and 18 years your junior.

But I did it. I apologized to each of them, gave them both a big hug a kiss on the cheek, and asked them to forgive me. It was brief; I was crying and had snot running down my face and they seemed totally unaffected and slightly weirded-out by the whole thing. But I felt a little piece of the hardness in my heart melt away. It's just one more moment that knits us together a little tighter. I love that, don't you?!

Have you ever had to swallow your pride and apologize to a child? How did it affect your relationship?

Last week...well...the last week I did this...which was...well whatever. We're all busy, right?! Okay anyway, I had my dad bring a beautiful card to my niece at her soccer game.

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