Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Operation KidConnect!!!

Hi everyone!!!

What is Operation KidConnect, you ask?!

If you need an INTRODUCTION to the project, click here.

Now that you know about it, you're probably wondering WHO THE KIDS ARE! Click here.

Great! Welcome back! I'm so glad you're up to speed!

Last week Operation KidConnect launched on Wednesday, and I've decided to play around with it a bit. This week I want to try it on Thursday. Why? Because it's my blog and my project, and I want to see what day works best for it! Some days are better than others, so let's try Thursday this week!

Since last Wednesday, were you able to connect with some of the kids in your life? What were some of the things you did to intentionally connect with a child? And what are your ideas for this week?

Hold those thoughts, and share them tomorrow! See you back here for Operation KidConnect!!!

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