Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tempting Fate

In January, I won a contest sponsored by Steaz. The prize? A full-conference ticket to Blissdom! I had the time of my life. Really, I did. I learned so much and made so many new friends. At the end of it all, I hoped that the relationships I developed would continue and grow into teenage slumber-party type relationships with curlers and jammy pants and late-night movies. And we wouldn't have to even call each other on the phone, y'all, cause there's TWITTER!

*insert sound of a car screeching to a halt*

Well, that isn't QUITE reality, now is it? Here's the reality: I connected with a LOT of great women (sorry to say I didn't meet BusyDad, one of Blissdom's token males) and made some surprisingly deep friendships in a short amount of time. BUT, they live ALL over the country. And none of them lived in rural Missouri, where I lived at the time, although Amber comes close because we could have met up in Bentonville, Arkansas, about an hour away from me. Well then I moved back to Orlando, and you'd really think that there would be a lot of tweetin', bloggin', super-hip chicks in this here city, but the truth is, I haven't found many (although there are a few! Hi Erin! Hi Anna! Although you ladies barely count because Erin, I went to High School with you, and Anna we're practically related. Anyway.). I know, I know, I'm just not looking hard enough. Whatever. ANYWAY, while I still tweet with my Blissdom friends, the connection, like all friendships, is ebbing and flowing in a beautiful way...but it's hard to stay close! It's like we met at Summer camp, promised to write, and then got really busy.

So here is where I tempt fate a second time. Sears Portrait Studio is sponsoring a contest for one lucky winner. The prize? A ticket to BlogHer '10! I don't know if you know this, but tickets for that conference sold out in like, 2 seconds. I know I already won a ticket to a conference, but I know someone who's mom got struck by lightening twice, so it's not impossible that I'd win this too, right?!

Attending BlogHer would benefit me (and any blogger, really) in untold ways. Personally, I would like to selfishly continue to make connections with other women bloggers. Professionally I need the networking and education sessions to help my work with Social Girl Media. I am relatively new to this. I feel like a total newbie although I know there are others just starting out behind me. I guess I'm afraid I'll lose my online momentum and that all my hip, cool, online buds will forget about me!

*sniff sniff*
*wiping a tear*

Yes, that's a little bit melodramatic.

Sears Portrait Studio, although I have never used YOUR portrait studio, I am a lover of fine professional photographs, as long as they're done right. I prefer the candid shots that weren't even meant to be part of the session--especially with families. They show the true feelings and love between family members that seems to die when you say "tilt your head a little bit to the left...now a bit to the right...a little more to the right....no your other right...there you go Princess." And I love blogging and making connections.

So, if your random number generator sees fit, I would LOVE to win your contest!

*Disclosure: This post is an entry into Sears Portrait Studio's BlogHer '10 contest. We were asked to tell why we want to go to BlogHer and why we like professional portraits. All drama, heart-string tugging and violin-playing is mine.**


Erin said...

Thanks for the link! All of Aly's pics have been done at Sears Portrait Studio in Altamonte, and Candace and Nicole are great! They both just let her play and we got some GREAT pics. There's another photographer there who isn't quite as good, but still plenty of shots worth buying. It is pricey, but I'd recommend them if you need portraits taken. :)

My name is Anna said...

Thanks for the shout out! And I would love it if we got together more often! I like that we're practically related:) Good luck with the contest!