Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paranoid and over-controlling? NAH.

I'm new to the "day care mom" role. Zeke's been in full-time care for, oh, about six weeks, and it feels like FOREVAH. You shouldn't be surprised that he's doing great. He's healthy, growing, INCREDIBLY social, knows all his colors, most of his shapes, his ABC's, and quantum physics (he gets that from his daddy). But there are a few things he's learned that I'm not thrilled about. They are, as follows:

* The phrase "shake your booty."

* Pointing his fingers at me and saying "pew! pew!" as if he's shooting a gun.

* The word "no."

* The word "mine."

* The fact that he has an opinion.

And here, my friends, are the two ABSOLUTE WORST things he could have POSSIBLY learned in school. I tremble in fear at the very thought:



O.M.G. I about had a heart attack when I went to pick him up early the other day and he was asking another child about Dora. "No, God! Not my sweet baby!" THEN he started saying "Want watch Spongebob!" I passed out. Really, I blacked out for just a second.

I don't want him to watch Dora because it's just plain annoying. So really, there's no issue there that holds any sort of water. I can get over the Dora thing and just not watch it at home. But I have more of a true issue with Spongebob. I truly believe that it's NOT a kids show, and that it's rude and gross. The only time I've ever watched it, the yellow fellow was farting, burping, and pulled down his pants to show his butt. I just don't like that. Can I get an "amen?"

So this morning, my husband very calmly and non-chalantly (I'm so proud of you, honey!) asked the director where he may have gotten the "Spongebob" thing from. She confirmed our belief that they do not have a TV in the building (PRAISE JESUS!) but that they do listen to CD's for music time. She said that they have a Barney CD (which we already knew because Zeke is totally obsessed with the dino) but that they also have a bunch of Spongebob tapes that they listen to. I can't say I feel a WHOLE lot better, but maybe a little bit. We're not really sure what to do here. Being realistic, I can see that I'm probably the only parent who cares about this. But being Zeke's mom, I know what I do and don't want him exposed to. I'm not going to tell them not to play the tapes because it's their school, not mine (aren't you proud of me not acting all "entitled?!"). This is surely the first of many songs/videos/curse word issues I'm going to have with him at school throughout the rest of his life. How do I deal?

Can some of you more experienced moms help me out? What would you do in this situation? What HAVE you done in this situation?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. I can't STAND Dora and I agree that Spongebob is not a kid's show. Diego is better, if a choice needs to be made. I think this is a moment where us moms just can't care about the child's response if we really think it's in their best interest. If you don't want him watching Dora or Spongebob, then no Dora or Spongebob. When he asks why the other kids are allowed to watch, it's time for, "I don't know, I'm not their mommy."

I will add that question to my list for Aly's preschool start interview next month. I know their focus is education, but what will they be listening to in their downtime? Since it's a church school, I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the answer. :)

Your Organizing Guru said...

At B's church preschool, when he was in the 3's program, the last 10 min of the day, while waiting for parents to arrive, was spent in a room with a tv. Since there was a much utilized car pool lane, I'm not sure how many parents were even aware of this ritual. I was appalled. Even worse was that they did watch the annoyingly repetitive Dora. I never said anything about it, I just picked B up as close to the pick up time as possible. And I didn't use the car pool lane at the end of the day (for other reasons- ask and I'll tell- but it really is a whole other saga). The Kid Zone at our Y also shows Dora, but B isn't glued to it when I've witnessed this b/c there is so much other cool stuff to do there.
At any rate, if you think it is detrimental to Z, then you should write a letter/have a conference/speak to the teacher and the admin. Make sure you have reasons for WHY you don't want him exposed to these things and supply and alternative solution. You don't want to seem like a nagging parent, but maybe you aren't the only one. Who knows, maybe they don't realize the issue. If your complaint doesn't get the result you would like, maybe if they get enough complaints it will, so chat with the other parents to find out their feelings.

mrs. wonderful said...

Dora at least is somewhat educational, though annoying. Spongebob is just outright disgusting. My kids do not, and will not watch it under my roof (i think they've watched it at their dad's, but that explains so much....).

I think the music is close to harmless. If I had to pick between viewing and listening to the songs, that would definitely be the lesser of two evils.

You all are going to encounter so many things that challenge your views as well as your values. I've tried to teach my kids my views and values. So far, it seems to be working. They don't have the desire to watch stupid stuff like Spongebob and the Simpson's because I've brainwashed, I mean, taught them that those things are not okay. I realize I can't shelter them from everything. I would rather educate them. We have rules in our house and they must be followed, but when they get older, they can and will form their own opinions.

As far as the daycare goes, yes, you pay, but not enough to dictate how they run things, unfortunately! However, if their two-year-old classroom starts watching TV everyday, I would object, especially if it is not educational. I know when I taught 3's and up, we would occasionally put on Blue's Clues, or something like that, but not more than one show.

Hey, just start teaching him: "Spongebob yuck"! It worked for David Maus!!! ;)