Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I saw a guy walking in Downtown Orlando today with a shirt that said "I love my State." My immediate thought was, "Florida is not that great. I'm sweating and the A/C in my car won't blog cold because my car sat on a hot parking garage roof all day." But then I thought about the other states.

How do you feel about your mental state?
What about the state your life is in right now?
How about the state of your marriage?
Or the state of all your relationships, for that matter?
The state of your faith?

What say you?

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pedagogicpiper said...

Though provoking, Rachel...kudos

My marital state is absolute bliss. Won't lie.

My mental state is somewhere between a smoky diner and a foggy morning. I'm so mentally "clogged" right now because of not having a job. While working I was at my mental peak and I was alert most of the time because of it. Now, without a job, I feel so drained and lacking any brain power!