Sunday, August 15, 2010

Attention Publix Shoppers!

Hi frugal friends, I'm hoping you can shed some light on something for me.

Today, my local Publix told me that they accept one Internet Coupon (IC) per product. Now, to me, that means that if I have three $1.00 off Prego Sauce coupons, for example, that I can use one of those ICs per jar of sauce, meaning that I can get three Prego sauce jars and each of them will be $1.00 off. They are saying that regardless of the number of items and number of coupons you have, you can only use ONE IC per product: thus, I can only use ONE $1.00 off coupon on my three jars of sauce, even though I have three coupons and three jars of sauce. They are manufacturer's coupons. Why can't I use one coupon per product? Now, what you CAN do is do each of those products in a new transaction and use each coupon per jar of sauce, you just can't do it in one transaction.

Eventually, after explaining to the manager what I wanted to do (and him looking at me like I was trying to steal from his store when I told him I wanted to use a coupon on a BOGO offer) for about 5 minutes, he let the cashier use my extra coupons. I had VERY carefully matched up my products and coupons.

Does that make ANY sense to anyone out there? Are other Publix stores doing this? Have you run into this at your store?


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