Friday, August 13, 2010

Got it.

Today at "work," (well really, we were at lunch), I started to get that feeling. You know, the cold pricklies and sweat and overall tummy...yuck. As soon as I recognized it, I made the executive decision to go home. All my "co-workers" know that my son and husband have been sick over the past few days and I have been sanitizing everything I touch in the office. They were prepared. I wasn't.

I made it home in a daze, but I made it. I got myself straight into bed and slept for about an hour. The following few hours were rough, but right now it is 8:42 p.m., I haven't thrown up, and I feel almost normal. My piece of toast and sips of Gatorade have, so far, been successful, and I think I'm back on track.

The virus that has ripped through my house? I got it. But so far, it hasn't gotten me.

Crud: 2 Boldmans: 1

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