Monday, August 16, 2010

In which I get photobombed by @herbadmother

With all the talk about Blogging conferences, I thought I should chime in. Not so much because I have anything to say, but more because I just can't stand to be (read: FEEL) left out. So here is a picture from Blissdom 2010:

This is what you would call a "photobomb", no?

Here I was, just trying to take a picture with Tanis and her sparkle stick, when Catherine Connors, of HerBadMother jumps in there with the classic "L." Thanks! I feel special! And totally not left out! :)

Thanks, ladies, for letting me into your world for a while. You two are some of my favorite Canadians. If you, dear reader, are unfamiliar with these two, make sure you click those linkies up there. They've got great stories and they tell them well. Please also read about Tutus for Tanner. The community that has rallied around this little boy is amazing. Amazing and quite possibly unstoppable.

And she was on CNN, y'all!

Ok I'm done.


Jody said...

Hey Rachel! Will you be at Blissdom again this year?

Rachel Boldman said...

I hope so...but it's looking doubtful. It's coming up so quick, in January rather than February this year! So it's hard to say. I know the tickets are going to sell out EXTREMELY quickly. I would love to see you again! How are you doing?!