Friday, September 3, 2010

The One Where I'm on the News

Yesterday Zeke and I were minding our own business, running around at a local Orlando park, waiting for Josh to get out of work, when all of a sudden, Ryan Hughes from WFTV Channel 9 asked if he could interview me on camera for a news story.

ME???!! It took me about .2 seconds to say "Sure!" I didn't have time to call my hair and makeup people, but I thought I looked pretty good, and the camera guy said I could keep my sunglasses on. Maybe because I didn't have any makeup on. Hmmm. ANYWAY....

As you may already know, I love the camera. And I think the camera loves me. See for yourself; my 2 seconds (literally, it's about 2 seconds) of fame is right here for your viewing pleasure.

The subject matter is extraordinarily disturbing, but I think I brought a little "fabulous" to the piece, don't you? What? What's that? You're wondering where my child was during my on-camera debut? I have no idea. Probably running around terrorizing swans or something. JUST kidding, he was holding my hand the whole time and even said "hi" to the camera man and reporter after we were done. He was totally charming. But really, I was the star.

Thanks, WFTV for my big break! And Ryan Hughes, if you're reading, you have really nice teeth.

Just sayin'.


Melissa said...

Okay I love that you were on the news (and yes, the camera does love you!) but seriously? This really happened? It's just creepy. Especially because you and I live in the same city so this is near me too. Ick. Ick, ick, ick.

(Speaking of living in the same city, um, hello? Why haven't I seen you in like a year?)

Rachel Boldman said...

It's been a while, but it hasn't been THAT long!

Okay, it's been too long. And we need to get on that "makeover" feature. :)

Looooooove you!