Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lots of numbers

We are gearing up for our EIGHTH move as a married couple.

We've only been married FOUR years.

If I let them, these facts will grab hold of my every limb, start swirling and overwhelm me, taking me down with them.

You see, approximately SEVEN days after we signed a lease and moved into an adorable, moderately priced house, thus moving out of my parents' house and out on our own into the wild blue yonder, my husband was offered a job approximately 45 miles away in Daytona Beach. The lease we signed was for ONE year. Which meant, at the point we officially accepted the job, we had ELEVEN months left. The day Josh got the job was the day I stopped unpacking, which means we still have FOUR MILLION boxes in various states of unpacked-ness in our house.

The good news is that whenever we are ready, we can begin advertising that our house is up for rent again, and be released from our remaining HOWEVERMANY months there are left on our lease as soon as someone else can fill it. The bad news is that we haven't started that process because I still have about EIGHT weeks left of my internship here in Orlando. So Josh will commute for a while. It's not that takes the same amount of time to get up there as it does to get to downtown Orlando because of traffic/lack of traffic. It means that we'll be without him on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but I think with a little ice cream I can convince Zeke that it's alright.

The good-er news is that my husband is back in ministry. This is a full-time youth-pastor position that includes responsibilities at a school, and he is in love. We were meant to take time away--I didn't think it would only be SIX months, but God doesn't tend to give me much warning about these sorts of things. He figures it's better for me to be surprised. So here we go, head-over-feet-first, ready to take on a new challenge. Yes, it involves many more transitions and many more unknowns, which I am not known to deal well with, but there are a few things I do know:

I have ONE happy husband, which makes me ONE happy wife.
I have ONE amazing toddler who adapts to his environment easily.
I have ONE really awesome father in heaven who will take care of us and love me even when I'm sick of all this transition.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Wow; that's huge news. And what timing! Good for you for taking it all in stride (at least on the blog; and what choice do you have).

I've got one huge virtual pat on the back for you. Let's hope you get to stick around this time.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Hey! Daytona? That's only a little over an hour from us!!! ~J