Thursday, October 7, 2010

t-minus 3 days and counting...

On Saturday I will depart Orlando in my massive '01 Buick Lesabre to go to Miami for a few days, where I will do something extremely cool. Extremely cool and just a little bit nerdy.

On Sunday I will don a new "hat." I will be a PRESENTER at the Florida Counseling Association's annual state conference.

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that my presentation "Perinatal Death and Bereavement: Implications for the Counseling Profession" was accepted as a 90 minute "breakout session" at this conference.

Did I mention that I am STILL A STUDENT? Yes, I, as a student, was accepted to speak at a conference. I'm trying to tell myself that it's not; but really, it IS a BIG DEAL. To me, at least.

I've been out of commission for a while now (for about 6 months my posts have been infrequent at best, and I've all but abandoned "Operation KidConnect," the way cool project for which Hallmark sent me some awesome cards...and really, I'd love to get it going again but let's face it. I had fewer blog readers on my "Operation KidConnect" days than I did all week. What's up with that? Aaaaaaaanyway.) because of school, but more recently because I've been so busy preparing for this presentation. I'm in obsessive list-writing mode, with a pad of paper by my side of the bed, and I wake up at all hours of the night, grab a pen and add to my list of "things to pack":
*underwear (really? do I have to list this? I mean, DUH)
*face wash (yeah, this is a legitimate "wake up in the middle of the night" item because I have forgotten it)
*3 shirts
*3 pairs of pants
...and then I write out every single outfit I am going to wear for the entire conference.

I'm not kidding. Right now my list-making is officially a compulsion.

ANYWAY, back to the conference. I'm speaking on Sunday afternoon, and I'm terrified. When I think about it, I get paralyzed for a split second. But I'm just going to get up there and treat it as a performance. No, I will not be picturing the audience in their underwear.

I hope to leave the conference with a renewed sense of confidence in my intelligence and competence as a counselor....and a job. These things are great for networking, I hear.

I'll let you all know how it goes!

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Melissa said...

I'm WAY behind. Way behind in blog reading and haven't been paying attention to Twitter and UGH. I'm sorry I didn't get in touch before the presentation to offer encouragement! I'm glad it went well but I wouldn't expect anything less from you. :)