Tuesday, November 2, 2010

200th Post!

This, my friends, is my TWO-HUNDREDTH post on this here blog!

I think it's only appropriate to celebrate this monumentous occasion by 1., making up words like monumentous, and 2., celebrating my complete, total, utter lack of influence in social media.

I've been "hearing" a lot about the website Klout on Twitter lately, well, as much as you can HEAR things on Twitter; I guess I've been SEEING a lot about it on Twitter. ANYWAY, it's a website that measures your overall influence on the interwebs. If you want to know some particulars about how they measure, click here. It's actually pretty interesting.

According to Klout, I pretty much have ZERO influence. Like, the cat who scratches at my roof every morning at 4:00 has more influence than me. My Klout score is....*drumroll please*....


It seems that in April of 2010, my score was a whopping 30, which is a lot better than SIX. I have declined in interestingness over the months, it seems.

And I've got bad news for you, my engaged audience. According to Klout, YOUR level of influence is ONE. hahahahaha sucks to be you!!!! Just kidding. No, I'm not. Look at your Klout score, now look at mine. Now back at yours, now back at mine.

I feel like I'm at a middle school dance and "I Swear" just came on and all the cool kids paired up to dance at an arm's length and maybe sweat on each other. Now I'm huddled in the bathroom crying.

Someone send the P.E. teacher in to check on me, ok?!


Anonymous said...

My Klout score is 12. :P You wouldn probably have a higher score if it weren't for that pesky internship/finishing up Master's/raising a child stuff. ;)

~Erin @ http://dreamingwithmidnite.com
TwitterID: Midnite592

Rachel Boldman said...

You go girl! :) And yeah I've been a bit busy.

Melissa said...

Heh. Mine is 20. Well that's not very high.

xiao said...

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