Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Gifts, Part 1

Alright folks, this Friday is BLACK FRIDAY. When I worked in retail, I thought it was aptly named because every retail worker LOATHED it like the plague. Alas, that's not the reason this Friday is called Black...even though retail workers, and quite possibly you, still loathe it.

There's just one problem. In order to get sweet $5 t-shirts for your child's entire day-care staff, thus staying within a decent budget, you simply MUST go to Old Navy at an unholy hour to snag them for the crew. Or DO you?

I've found an awesome alternative to the Black Friday craze that can take care of an entire staff in one shot, and is sure to delight the whole bunch. You can order it online. No stores necessary.

Mrs. Prindables
! I reviewed one of their apples this Spring and I was thoroughly delighted with it. To help get me in the holiday spirit, they sent me another one, the Dark Chocolate Delight.

Again, it held up RIDICULOUSLY well on the trip down to Florida, and was delivered in a HUGE box, insulated with much bubble wrap and several cold packs. Here's my package on the "kitchen" table. Oh, and roses are not included in the purchase price--those are from my husband. :)
The Mrs. Prindable's purple box is gorgeous, and makes for a breathtaking presentation.And then you open the box and see the ENORMOUS, over two-pound treat

It's pretty ridiculous.

For my taste test of the Dark Chocolate Delight apple, I chose my co-"workers" at my internship; at a local hospital. They were more than happy to oblige.

One drawback to using this as a "corporate" gift--your recipients will need a very large knife to cut their ginormous apple. If they're easily able to smuggle a large kitchen knife into the workplace, then great. As you can see, I was able to do this very thing.

We sliced the apple into 10 pieces. It was a little bit messy, because the chocolate on the outside is hard. But I was totally okay with "taking care of" the little crumbs.

The consensus? The loved it. Absolutely loved it. Mrs. Prindables is not kidding when they say this apple can feed 8-10 people. We had 8 people partaking in the apple festivities, and 2 had seconds. The dark chocolate was delicious, but the caramel was the big hit. It was, as one of my co-"workers" said, "GOOEY." It was just the right amount of salty to pair with the tangy/sweet Granny Smith apple, and to balance out the sweet/bitter dark chocolate. They were also pleasantly surprised, as I was the last time I reviewed this tasty treat, that the apple was FRESH. It was crisp, juicy, and did not taste like it had been in my indoor mailbox for 3 days, then my refrigerator for a few more.

The apples are about $22.95, but if you think about all that you're getting, it's not a bad price at all. AND let's say you're planning on getting a gift for your child's day care or preschool teacher and staff anyway...$22.95 is a great price to split amongst those people. If you were getting them individual gifts, you'd easily spend at least $35.00. Why not get them this amazing gift?

And here's something cool. Rue La La is offering these apples starting at $15.00! Just go to Rue La La, and use "Boston" as your location. Scroll down and click on the "Mrs. Prindables" banner, and voila! Chocolate Apple Bliss. For cheap. I love cheap. And psssst...I hear if you sign up using that link I just gave you, you get a credit. Just sayin.' While you're at Rue La La, check out their other boutiques. They offer great designer swag at a deep discount. I just bought Zeke some kickin' designer shoes for $20.00!

Let me know in the comments what you're getting your staff members--your teachers, co-workers, church groups, etc.

And check back with me after Black Friday to see how I shopped on the cheap. I love cheap. Have I mentioned that?!

**YO, FTC, PEEP THIS: I received a "Dark Chocolate Delight" Jumbo Apple for my very own for free from Mrs. Prindables. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. It was delicious, I assure you.**

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