Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Going...

...that's how I answer when people ask me, "Rachel, how's it going?!" That's a perfect description. Because it's going and I'm following and forward motion is what it's all about.

I was sidelined by some sort of stomach bug on Tuesday, and I'm only just now, on Thursday, starting to feel more like myself. Remember the Atkins Diet? Or South Beach? Where you seriously limit your carbohydrate intake in the hopes of losing a massive amount of weight whilst still eating massive amounts of bacon? Well I'm here to tell you that those diets are just creative, focused ways of limiting calories. Because I ate nothing but toast for 2 days and lost about 4 pounds. That's right folks, all carbs, all the time (although really not too much--I couldn't stomach loaves of toast or anything), and I lost 4 pounds that I didn't mean to, or NEED to lose.

So there you have it, the Boldman diet. Two pieces of toast with a little bit of butter, 3 times a day. Lose yourself some poundage, America!

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