Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and Whatnot

I've been reading lots of blogs lately.

Reading and not writing.

I have no idea why; I think of all sorts of great stuff to write, but I just...don't.

As we all know, unless you've been living in your parents' bomb shelter for the past few days and haven't come out yet; it is now 2011. As the new year is upon us, I could do what many bloggers have done and go back through my old posts, highlighting some of the, well, HIGHLIGHTS of the past year. But I'm going to be honest with you. The highlights were not very high at times. In fact, they were quite low. And I prefer to stay in a little measure of denial and so I choose not to go back through them and give the situations the honor of being clicked-on. There is still a lot of healing to be done, even though it's been a while now. I sincerely, SINCERELY hope that this year, especially the first few months, are better than last year. My husband has some thoughts on the past year and the one coming up here. He's kinder than I am. I guess the truth is, if given the opportunity, I might not be so nice or so discreet.

This January we find ourselves in a small beach town on the east coast of Florida. We are living in an apartment called "The Hiding Place" for a little while, and the title is appropriate because I still find myself wanting to hide and rest. There isn't much resting to be done, because I start work tomorrow, and Zeke started school today. But many, many worries and burdens are alleviated by our living here. And for that, I'm thankful, even if we are in close quarters. It's here that we'll live and grow and laugh and get sick and make our way back to community.

I hope you'll join me here for some of that journey. I'll be writing more regularly in the new year and I'd love to have you. Come "hide" with me.


Brandon said...

We are so glad that you, Josh and Zeke chose "this small beach town in Florida"!! We are looking forward to growing our friendships!!

Tammy Young

Anonymous said...

I don't know the whole story, but I think Josh has the right idea. Holding onto a grudge and keeping in the anger is not going to benefit anyone. It needs to be dealt with and moved on. I think you've taken great strides towards that, and hope you have a terrific year in your hiding place. The beach is a fave playplace of Aly's and mine. :)


Your Organizing Guru said...

As someone who has been metaphorically wounded in a similar way, I can understand the need for that Hiding Place. There are still times when it haunts me and I seek God as my refuge and hiding place - and also as the lifter of my head and my Cornerstone to stand upon. the wound (from 9 years ago) faded into a bruise and now is not longer so fresh - it's more arthritic now... it only rears itself every now and then. :)